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24hr Arty People @ MIF21



Producing with Mesmer video we successfully collaborated with Manchester International Festival to create a non-stop 24-hour online live streamed arts show with four hosts including a Mesmer-created digital avatar of one of Manchester's finest drag artists and philosophers Cheddar Gorgeous. Broadcast live from a studio in the centre of town, over the space of 24 hours, a team of four talented Manchester-based artists, writers and activists - Javaad Alipoor, Lowri Evans, Simone French and Cheddar Gorgeous - hosted a stream of live and pre-recorded discussions, Q&As, performances, live game play-throughs and networking events showcasing what the 2021 Manchester International Festival had to offer, as well as Manchester International Festivals future home, The Factory. 


We worked with 60 brilliant artists, showcasing artist spotlights, interviews and panel discussions. Highlights included live interviews with Laurie Anderson, Marta Minujín and Kemang Wa Lehulere, choreographer Wayne McGregor and composer Ed Lewis, as well as screenings including the new film and immersive installation "All of This Unreal Time" featuring Cillian Murphy with music by Aaron Dessner, Bryce Dessner and Jon Hopkins.


Together with Mesmer and the MIF International and Digital teams, we built, wrangled and scheduled 1440 minutes AKA 24-hour hours of live and pre-recorded original content, tailored to timezones and with interactive elements. Imagine that spreadsheet!

Manchester International Festival


Online, 2021


Creative Producers: Livi Prendergast & Clementine Seely
Producer: Alison Darnborough
Video Director: Ian William Galloway
Systems Designer: Salvador Bettencourt Ávila
Content Manager: Barbora Šenoltová
Lead Animator: Rafael Vartanian


© MIF 2020

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